C19: The Nineteenth Century Index

Help: User Statistics


You can gain access to C19 Index user statistics for your institution from the Information Resources area (follow links for Information Resources > Librarians > Administration Resources > Usage statistics). Note that you will need your username and password to access the Administration Resources area. If you do not know the correct login information please contact our
Technical Support team.

Statistical categories

All statistics are logged according to the following criteria in accordance with ICOLC guidelines:

  • Time of day: All statistics are broken down by date and then into four time segments. Current statistics are recorded on a daily basis; archived statistics represent a month of usage divided up by time of day.
  • Sessions: A usage session begins when a new user starts to use the C19 Index interface, and ends when the browser they are using is closed. It is possible for a single 'session' to conceal several separate users.
  • Searches: A search is intended to represent a unique inquiry from a user. A search is recorded each time a search form is submitted to the C19 Index server - as such, this figure will also include refined searches, and searches resubmitted from the Search History facility. Usage of the Browse facility does not constitute a search.
  • Hits: The number of hits returned by user searches. A very broad search could return thousands of hits; while a very narrow, directed search could return as few as one.
  • Searches returning no hits: Searches may be unsuccessful for a number of reasons. It may be that the user may have misunderstood the nature or contents of C19 Index or may not have executed their search correctly. Alternatively it may be that the C19 Index database does not contain what a user is looking for.
  • Full records accessed: This figure represents the number of bibliographic records accessed by users.
  • Users denied access: Users are denied access to C19 Index when your institution's allocated number of simultaneous users has been reached.

C19 Index Web Statistics are divided into the following four formats:

  • User friendly
  • For spreadsheet import
  • Display directly in Microsoft Excel (Excel must be installed on your computer)
  • Printer-friendly version (contains minimal formatting for ease of printing)