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American Periodicals from the Center for Research Libraries (APCRL)

C19 now contains more than two million records from American Periodicals from the Center for Research Libraries (APCRL) - a full-text collection containing full-color scans of original print documents archived at the Center for Research Libraries (CRL). The collection spans the nineteenth century through the dawn of the twentieth century and is particularly strong in titles that illustrate the growth of America's influence on business and industry, trade, and culture. These include labor, trade, literary, scientific, and photographic periodicals, as well as other historically-significant titles. Many of these periodicals have not been indexed before. Upon completion the project will feature a total of 3 million pages across hundreds of periodical titles. New records from APCRL will be added to C19 in future releases.

Results from APCRL are displayed in the 'Periodicals' section on the Search Results display. Customers of C19 Index and APCRL can link to full text articles in that resource, or use the references to find articles in their library's print or microfilm holdings. All of the APCRL and APS articles can be searched simultaneously from the American Periodicals search screen.

Some of the titles from APCRL that are indexed in C19 Index include:

About the Center for Research Libraries

The Center for Research Libraries is an international partnership of more than 250 universities, colleges, and independent research libraries. CRL supports advanced research and learning in the humanities, sciences, and social sciences by ensuring the survival and accessibility of source materials vital to those disciplines. CRL acquires and preserves newspapers, journals, documents, archives, and other traditional and digital resources, and makes them available to member institutions and non-members through interlibrary loan and electronic delivery.

One area of CRL's collections, the historic American periodicals, has faced preservation challenges in recent years as use of the collection has grown while the originals became increasingly rare and fragile. The situation prompted CRL to work with ProQuest to provide electronic access to a portion of these titles, while protecting the originals from harm or loss.

For more information about the Center, please visit their website.

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