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The "Bookman" Directory of Booksellers, Publishers and Authors
"An exceedingly useful book to all engaged in literary work"
- Wesleyan-Methodist Magazine (November 1893), p. 880

The Bookman Directory of Booksellers, Publishers and Authors was published in 1893 under the direction of Sir William Robertson Nicoll, founding editor of The Bookman magazine.

This single-volume reference work was aimed at those involved in the book trade or engaged in literary study. It provides information about the three major facets of the publishing industry referred to in its title and is divided into sections accordingly:

(1) Booksellers – The largest section of the Directory offers a far-reaching list of booksellers in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Organised by region, this section includes the address of each bookseller, as well as detail about the genres in which they specialise and the type of sales (new/secondhand, retail/wholesale).

(2) Publishers – The publisher records are often accompanied by extensive narrative entries, providing particulars of the history and publications of the firms. In many cases these descriptions were compiled from information supplied directly by the publishers, specifically for this purpose.

(3) Authors – This section comprises the names and addresses of almost 600 authors working during this period. Particularly notable is the inclusion, in many cases, of private addresses, by permission of the authors.

In sum, The Bookman Directory offers indispensable data about the individuals and organisations active in the book trade in the late-nineteenth century and provides a snapshot of the industry at this time.

The electronic version of the Directory in C19 Index makes this content newly accessible, with researchers able to query the index via a wide variety of search fields and to restrict results only to items pertaining to, for example, particular regions or genres of books sold. Users may also navigate the Directory via a browse structured to reflect the composition of the original print edition. As part of C19 Index, the records in the Directory are cross-searchable with over 25 million entries from other nineteenth-century sources.


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