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Cotgreave's Index

Published in 1900, Alfred Cotgreave's A Contents-Subject Index to General and Periodical Literature is a major index dedicated to bringing to light the incidental contents of thousands of books and periodicals, and arranging this material by subject. The index is notable for its focus on subject-indexing material whose relevance to the subject is not indicated by its title. A researcher seeking material about Charles Dickens, for example, will be pointed to George Hodder's book, Memories of My Time.

This work, therefore, provides a crucial service in revealing the location of many of the most concealed - yet relevant - items pertaining to a host of subjects

The electronic edition in C19 Index greatly enhances the utility of this index, enabling users quickly to search across the 50,000+ records via a variety of search fields. They may also restrict results to items that contained specific features, such as illustrations or music. Alternatively, users may consult a subject browse list and quickly identify the range of items indexed for a given subject term. The records for Cotgreave's Index may be cross-searched with the 25 million+ items from other nineteenth-century sources in C19 Index.


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