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House of Commons Parliamentary Papers

'The Nineteenth Century House of Commons Papers...cannot be matched as a historical source in any other country in the world.'
Norman Gash, Times Literary Supplement

The House of Commons Parliamentary Papers are vital to the historical record of 19th century Britain, its Colonies and the wider world. They are among the richest and most detailed primary sources for the history of the nineteenth century.

As the working documents of government, the parliamentary papers encompass all areas of social, political, economic and foreign policy, showing how issues were explored and legislation was formed. The division of papers into Bills, Reports of Committees, Reports of Commissioners, and Accounts and Papers reflects the various functions of parliament; legislative, quasi-judicial, inquisitorial and supervisory.

C19 Index includes bibliographic records for the entire collection of 19th century Parliamentary Papers (79,527 papers), based on Chadwyck-Healey's Subject Catalogue of the House of Commons Parliamentary Papers, 1801-1900 by Peter Cockton. Coverage of the 'long 19th century' is provided with an additional 19,423 bibliographic records for the period 1901-1919. C19 Index users who also own the House of Commons Parliamentary Papers service can link from C19 Index to searchable full text within HCPP.


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