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About the Proceedings of the Old Bailey

The Proceedings of the Old Bailey from 1770-1913, detailing trials at London's central criminal court, are now searchable in C19 Index.

These records are from the Old Bailey Online project. A collaboration between the Open University, and the Universities of Hertfordshire and Sheffield, Old Bailey Online was funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council and the Big Lottery Fund. Project Directors are Clive Emsley, Tim Hitchcock, and Robert Shoemaker. It is published by HRI Online Publications.

Both the metadata and full text for the Proceedings since 1770 are searchable in C19 Index. The records are displayed as summary data and a few lines of text, with a link to the full transcript in the open access Old Bailey Online site: www.oldbaileyonline.org

A published collection of trials at the Old Bailey was first printed in 1674, and from 1678 accounts of each session were regularly published. These were originally aimed at a popular audience, focusing on sensational and salacious crimes. By the late eighteenth century the Proceedings had become more respectable, and the City of London authorities took a more direct role in the funding and publication of what was now seen as an official record of all trial proceedings at the Old Bailey. Publication continued throughout the nineteenth century, after 1834 as the Whole Proceedings of the Central Criminal Court or Central Criminal Court Sessions Paper. The publication ceased in April 1913, superseded by the statutory requirement to take full shorthand notes of trial proceedings introduced by the Criminal Appeal Act of 1907.

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