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Periodicals Index Online / Periodicals Archive Online (formerly Periodicals Contents Index (PCI) and PCI Full Text)

Periodicals Index Online began as Periodicals Contents Index at Harvard University. It is an index to millions of articles published in over 4,600 periodicals in the humanities and social sciences from around the world. Articles from over 900 of these periodicals with nineteenth century content (1790-1919) have been indexed in C19 Index, allowing undergraduate, graduate, faculty and general researchers to quickly locate every article by a particular author or from a field of study and compare them alongside of articles in The Times® newspaper via Palmer's Index, with original and reprinted articles in American magazines from American Periodicals Series, and with other official publications and books published in the century. For the first time, users will be able to compare records from indexed periodicals with parallel entries from the Wellesley Index in order to easily establish the authorship of articles that were unsigned or published under a pseudonym.

Results from Periodicals Index Online are displayed in the 'Periodicals' section on the Search Results display. Users who have access to Periodicals Archive Online (formerly PCI Full Text) will be able to link to full text articles in that resource, or use the references to find articles in the library's print or microfilm holdings. There are also links from Periodicals Index Online records in C19 Index to full text from 79 journals within various JSTOR collections.

Some of the nineteenth century titles from Periodicals Index Online that are indexed in C19 Index include:

More About Periodicals Index Online and Periodicals Archive Online

In 1991 Chadwyck-Healey collaborated with Harvard to create an electronic version of the Index and in 2000 started digitizing some of the periodicals to create full text collections. Known formerly as Periodicals Contents Index (PCI) and Periodicals Contents Index Full Text (PCI Full Text), both the index and full text collections were renamed and redeveloped in 2005, with enhancements including more searchable full text and a new search engine.

Periodicals Index Online is unique in its coverage of titles across a broad range of subjects and languages, spanning over 300 years. It covers 37 key subject areas in the humanities and social sciences and currently indexes over 15 million articles from the seventeenth century up to 1995.

Periodicals Archive Online builds on the strength of the index records in Periodicals Index Online to make a growing number of the backfiles of periodicals that are already indexed in Periodicals Index Online available electronically in full text. Periodicals Archive Online is a backfile of hundreds of journals, providing access to over 1 million articles comprising over 6.5 million article pages. Important scholarly titles are included, as well as journals of historical interest that began publication in the nineteenth century, such as "Academy and Literature" from 1869. Periodicals Archive Online therefore appeals to researchers across a broad range of disciplines, giving access to many titles that are not easily found in print and allowing libraries to replace or preserve their print collections.


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