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About the U.S. Congressional Serial Set

Records from the LexisNexis digital collections of the United States Congressional Serial Set and its predecessor, the American State Papers, are now available in C19, covering congressional and executive material from 1789 through 1901. Included are congressional reports and documents, executive documents ordered to be printed by Congress, presidential communications, maps, treaty materials, and more. Considered one of the most important sources for the study of American history, politics, and society, these government publications capture key aspects of American life from the early 19th century onward - from agriculture, to westward expansion, scientific exploration, politics, business and manufacturing, and international relations.

Examples of documents that can be found in the U.S. Congressional Serial Set include:

  • Inaugural address of George Washington, 1789 (1-1 ASP01 For.rel.1)

  • Great Britain: War of 1812 and peace negotiations at Ghent, 1815 (13-3 ASP03 For.rel.271). Compare this with Treaty of Peace and Amity between H.M. and United States of America, Ghent, December 1814 (1814-15 (011), from the House of Commons Parliamentary Papers.

  • Presidential message on various Indian tribes, their future location and government, 1824 (18-2 116 H.doc.64)

  • Inhabitants of New York for ship canal, Lake Erie and Lake Ontario, 1834 (23-1 254 H.doc.34)

  • Resolution of inquiry into late invasion and seizure of public property at Harper's Ferry, etc., 1860 (36-1 1040 S.rp.278)

  • Testimony of Lieutenant General U. S. Grant on exchange of prisoners, 1865 (38-2 1232 H.misdoc.39)

  • Memorial on right of women to vote by Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Isabella Beecher Hooker, Elizabeth S. Bladen, Olympia Brown, Susan B. Anthony, and Josephine J. Griffing, 1872 (42-2 1483 S.rp.21)

  • Message of President communicating memorial of committee appointed at meeting of citizens of New York to co-operate with French citizens to erect colossal statue of Liberty Enlightening the World, in New York Harbor, 1877 (44-2 1719 S.exdoc.36)

  • Resolution on case of naturalized U.S. citizen Louis Riel, hanged for treason by authorities of Canada, 1888 (50-1 2517 S.misdoc.208)

  • Location of Columbian Exposition or World's Fair, 1892 (51-1 2807 H.rp.37)

  • Monetary Question in Russia, 1898 (55-2 3600 S.doc.167)

Integration of indexing and full text

Customers of both C19 Index and the U.S. Congressional Serial Set from LexisNexis can link from records in C19 Index directly to full text documents within the Serial Set.


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